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No product lasts forever, including your hearing aids. Most will function well for three to seven years, so you’ll likely need to replace them every five years on average. Wondering why they have such a short lifespan? Several factors cause hearing aids to age quickly—here are a few.

1. Hearing aids get a lot of daily wear and tear—Hearing aids are exposed to moisture, heat, dirt and earwax for hours a day. Even though they are made of durable material, this prolonged exposure to a harsh environment eventually causes damage.

2. Hearing aids need proper storage—To extend your hearing aids’ lifespan, keep them in a safe, dry place when you’re not wearing them. A storage case with a dehumidifier will help dry out any built-up moisture inside them.

3. Hearing aids require regular maintenance and cleaning—Bringing your hearing aids to your audiologist for routine checkups helps keep your hearing devices going strong. Your audiologist will check and replace any poorly performing parts and professionally clean your devices.

4. Certain hearing aid styles fade faster—Behind-the-ear styles typically last longer than in- the-ear designs because more of the electronic elements are outside the moist environment of your ear canal.

5. Hearing aid technology becomes obsolete—Finding replacement parts to repair hearing aids over five years can be challenging, as the manufacturer might not make them anymore. Similarly, the software used to program old hearing aids may no longer work, so if your hearing prescription changes, reprogramming them could be impossible.

When to Buy New Hearing Aids

Consider purchasing new hearing devices when:
• Your current hearing devices are five or more years old.
• Your hearing devices have visible damage.
• Your hearing devices have already been repaired previously.
• Your hearing loss worsens, or your current devices no longer sufficiently help it.
• Better technology for your type/extent of hearing loss and lifestyle is available

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