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The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means festive feasts, magical get-togethers and more merrymaking opportunities are on their way. Best of all, it means you’ll have plenty of chances to catch up with your cherished family and friends. But if you have hearing loss, reconnecting to the ones who matter most can be a challenge—and not just during the holidays.

The simple truth is that hearing loss doesn’t just cut you off from sound—it also cuts you off from life. When your hearing isn’t optimal, you experience feelings of detachment. Day-to-day conversations can prove difficult, causing you to withdraw from the people and activities you enjoy. You may feel lonely, helpless or depressed. Your relationships, even those with your closest loved ones, can begin to suffer.

However, there is hope. Evidence shows that individuals who treat their hearing loss notice significant benefits to their emotional and social well-being. One large study found that more than 50% of people who wore hearing aids experienced improvements in their social life and relationships, and over 40% noted their self-confidence improved.

Hearing better will help you communicate better, boosting your confidence and making every moment you share with family and friends this season even more special. Imagine watching your grandchild recite her line in the Christmas play and understanding every word. Viewing your favorite holiday movie on TV without having to keep turning up the volume. Hearing your spouse say, “I love you” and replying with a “Love you too!” without missing a beat. It’s all possible with improved hearing. 

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These devices are truly the gift that keeps on giving. One of our past Gift of Hearing Giveaway winners described the 18 years before she started using hearing devices this way: “Whenever someone spoke to me, I would get sad or nervous and ask them repeatedly, ‘What are you saying?’” After receiving hearing aids through our special giveaway, she can now hear properly and notes: “I do not have any words for how grateful I am. Entering the new year being able to hear is an amazing difference.”

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