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Share your story for a chance to win free hearing aids.


Precision Hearing’s lead audiologist, Dr. Kristen Weinbaum, is no stranger to hearing loss. Having lived with it since the age of five, she always wanted to help improve the lives of others through better hearing strategies. That’s why Dr. Weinbaum created the Gift of Hearing Contest six years ago to give back to the Clermont community and shed light on the importance of hearing health.

The competition is designed to give someone in need in the community the opportunity to receive the gift of hearing and win a new pair of digital hearing devices. You can enter by submitting your story about why you—or the person you’re entering for—deserve a life with better hearing and have been unable to obtain hearing aids due to financial hardship.

Hearing devices are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Evidence shows that individuals who treat their hearing loss with devices notice significant benefits to their emotional and social well-being. One large study found that more than 50% of people who wore hearing devices experienced improvements in their social life and relationships and that over 40% noted their self-confidence improved.

When your hearing isn’t optimal, day-to-day conversations can prove difficult, causing you to withdraw from the people and activities you enjoy. Improved hearing helps you communicate better, boosting your confidence and making every moment you share with family and friends even more special. And with the holiday season and more social events right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to give yourself or someone you know the chance at improving their hearing for free.

One previous winner of the Gift of Hearing Contest described the years before she started using hearing devices this way: “Whenever someone spoke to me, I would get sad or nervous and ask them repeatedly, ‘What are you saying?’” After receiving hearing devices through the contest, she can now hear properly and notes: “I do not have any words for how grateful I am. Entering the new year being able to hear is an amazing difference.”

If you or someone in your life could benefit from free hearing devices, don’t delay. Take a moment to share their story with the Precision Hearing team and nominate them to win a brand-new pair today!

Stories must be received by Friday, December 9, 2022. You can write it on behalf of yourself or nominate someone you know. To enter, submit your story at or by mail to 4331 S Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711. For more information, contact Precision Hearing at 352-765-8008.

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