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Our audiologist, Dr. Kristen Weinbaum, is no stranger to hearing loss. Having lived with the condition since the age of five, she always wanted to help improve the lives of others through better hearing strategies.

That’s why Dr. Weinbaum created the Gift of Hearing Contest, which allows her to give back annually to the South Lake community and shed light on the importance of hearing health.

The competition is designed to give someone in need in the community the opportunity to receive the gift of hearing and win a new pair of prescription hearing devices.

This year’s winner is Martha Mooney, who was nominated by her granddaughter Emani Lewis. In her nomination letter, Emani described her grandmother as “one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and her presence has greatly enriched my life.”

Unfortunately, Martha has experienced worsening hearing loss as she’s aged, making it challenging for her to listen to conversations and fully connect with others. As Emani noted, “My grandmother has had to suffer living in silence while the world continues around her.”

With Emani’s help, Martha has tried to get hearing devices through her insurance and even applied for credit to purchase hearing aids but was unsuccessful. Although Martha was determined to save enough money to cover the cost of hearing devices, she lives on a fixed income that leaves little room for extra expenses, keeping her goal of purchasing hearing devices out of reach.

Once she heard about the Gift of Hearing Contest, Emani said that she “jumped at the chance to enter my grandmother because of her financial hardship.” Emani explained how hearing devices would change Martha’s life in her nomination letter: “My grandmother deserves the opportunity to hear the world around her in motion, she deserves the opportunity to be part of the conversation instead of just a bystander and she deserves the safety and security actively hearing can present.”

We are thrilled that Martha now has the life-changing devices she needs and hope her improved hearing allows her to enjoy more memorable moments with Emani and the rest of her loving family! It’s clear from Martha’s story that living with untreated hearing loss can take a toll, and just putting up with it isn’t an ideal long-term solution.

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