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Here comes the holiday season, along with all the fun of reconnecting with your family and friends at special get- togethers. But if you have hearing loss, participating in conversations at noisy events can pose a challenge—even when wearing your hearing aids.

However, staying present in every special moment may be easier than you think. Follow these helpful tips to make your holidays a little more engaging this season.

1. Schedule a clean-and-check. Ensure your hearing devices function their best by scheduling a clean-and-check with your audiologist before the party date!

2. Wear your hearing devices with confidence. The stigma surrounding hearing devices is long gone. It’s better to wear them and have a good time instead of straining to hear what others say and possibly misunderstanding key information.

3. Provide communication tips. Your family and friends will appreciate the opportunity to make it easier for you to follow along. You might want to mention maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly and not talking while chewing during the meal.

4. Ask to move the conversation to a quieter spot. If you’re having trouble conversing in a crowded room, ask to move away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen or the noisy TV in the family room.

5. Politely request that music be turned down or off during mealtime. You can focus more easily on enjoying the conversation without the additional background noise.

6. Select a seat at the table where you can see the other guests’ faces. Reading lips will help when it’s harder to hear, such as when several conversations happen simultaneously.

7. Ask your audiologist about hearing accessories for noisy environments. Improve your conversational skills by using technology designed to help hearing aid users in difficult listening environments.

Do you plan on attending a holiday event and are having trouble hearing? Be proactive and address your concerns before the holiday celebrations are underway to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the fun!

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